1/2/16 – 4/3/16 – check for weather updates
6:15a – 9:00a Lap Swim
11:00a – 1:00p Rec/Lap Swim
3:30p – 5:00p Rec Swim
5:00p – 7:00p Friday Rec Swim
5:00p – 8:15p Lap Swim
Tues & Thurs
3:30p – 5:00p Rec Swim
5:00p – 8:15p Lap Swim
10:30a – 1:00p Lap Swim
1:00p – 5:00p Rec Swim
5:00p – 6:00p Lap Swim
*5:00p – 6:30p Lap (Sunday)
*schedule subject to change
Kids Nite Out – This Friday 2/12!

It’s Valentine’s weekend! Sign your kids up for Kids Nite Out at the Rec. Spaces are still available. No drop ins.

Middle School Snow Trip Feb 20th!

Head to the slopes of Dodge Ridge with Jeff and Charley! $75 registration fee includes transportation, lift ticket, breakfast and snacks. Rental and lunch not included.

February 9 – 7pm

HRD Board meeting, MPR

February 15

Rec offices, ASP, EEC closed
Pool – Saturday hours

February 23 – 7:30pm

HCA meeting, MPR

March 8 – 7PM

Rec Board Meeting, MPR

March 21-22

Pool Closed for Dome Removal